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Real Estate Division
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Real Estate Division will be the City's resident expert for all real estate issues. Real Estate Division will implement the highest level of customer service and efficiency and is committed to providing detailed review and analysis of existing facilities and sites. Real Estate Division will also be the leader, in providing real estate advice to the Mayor, City Council, City departments and the general public for city owned property. Finally, Real Estate Division will continue to maximize financial and programmatic needs of all city owned properties.

Real Estate Division's mission is to ensure optimal use of all Council-controlled City owned vacant and improved properties and maximize the value of each of these assets. The City relies heavily on the expertise of Real Estate Division in the following areas: acquisitions, appraisals, sales, relocations, leasing, title research, negotiations, property management, energy conservation, and Real Estate Division is committed to providing exemplary services to its customers.

ACCURACY: Every Real Estate Division employee will be committed to maintaining and developing accurate information on its real estate portfolio.

TEAMWORK: Real Estate Division is committed to collaboratively working together within division and other City departments. Since all of our work is so intricately woven together, it is imperative that we are all collegial and cooperative in the performance of City work.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Real Estate Division is committed to satisfying the needs of customers (Mayor, City Council, and residents of Los Angeles). Each inquiry and/or request will be given top priority and addressed as soon as humanly possible.

LONG RANGE PLANNING: Real Estate Division is committed to looking ahead when managing the City's vast real estate portfolio. Real Estate Division is committed to continuing to develop real estate planning for the City that maximizes usage and avoid any foreseeable challenges that could adversely impact the City's portfolio.
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