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Building Maintenance
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Building Services' Building Maintenance Division is divided into four geographic districts. These four units provide maintenance and repair of all City-owned buildings and surplus properties under Council-control, with the exception of the Convention Center. Building Maintenance also services the Los Angeles Mall.

Building Maintenance is responsible for the repair and maintenance of plumbing, heating, electrical, and air conditioning systems, elevators, automotive hoists, carpentry, roofing, overhead cranes, limited concrete work, welding, emergency generators, uninterruptible and interruptible power supply systems, smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, locksmith (including changing combinations on safes), other related equipment, and the sweeping of specific parking lots.


  • Air Compressors
  • Motor repair (electric)
  • HVAC maintenance & typical repairs
  • Automotive hoist repair
  • Building hardware repair
  • Overhead or bridge crane repair
  • Ceiling tile repair/replacement
  • Overhead roll up and fire station apparatus door repair
  • Electrical service maintenance and repair
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Plumbing service, maintenance, & repair
  • Elevator, escalator, and lift service, maintenance, & repair
  • Pumping and clarifier maintenance & repair
  • Emergency generator & UPS/IPS testing, maintenance, & repair
  • Reg. 4 fire/life safety building systems certification, testing, maintenance & repair
  • Roofing repair
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Fencing repair
  • Fire Alarm maintenance & repair
  • Fire extinguisher service
  • Stair repair
  • Fuel dispenser repair
  • Repair & maintenance of LNG/CNG building systems
  • Limited Glass replacement
  • Vandalism repair
  • Heating maintenace & repair
  • Wall repair
  • Hinged door repair
  • Welding
  • Lighting repair
  • Window repair


Building Construction and Maintenance
General Superintendent
City Hall South, Room 512, Mail Stop 508-8
(213) 978-7227
FAX (213) 978-7697

Capital Projects Management Group (CIEP, MICLA) Building Maintenance District Supervisor
City Hall South, Room 512, Mail Stop 508-8
(213) 978-7224
FAX (213) 978-7220


North District Superintendent
14832 Raymer Street Building F, Van Nuys
Mail Stop 512
(818) 779-7403
FAX (818) 756-9133

South District Superintendent
3330 West 36th Street, LA
Mail Stop 513
(213) 485-5849
FAX (213) 485-4609

Civic Center District Superintendent
City Hall East, Room P324
Mail Stop 509
(213) 978-3150
FAX (213) 978-3169

Central District Superintendent
555 Ramirez Street, LA
Mail Stop 511, Space 150-M
(213) 473-8550, 473-8551, or 473-8556
FAX (213) 473-8552

Municipal Buildings Energy & Water Management & Conservation
Manages municipal building energy and water usage and conservation through energy audits, energy engineering, implementation of efficiency measures, energy efficient retrofits utilizing the latest & most feasible technologies, and education fo building occupants & the visiting public on energy & water usage & conservation.

Building Maintenance Division districts are defined as follows:

The area bounded by Broadway, Caesar Chavez Avenue, Alameda Street, and Second Street. This includes City Hall, City Hall East, L.A. Mall, City Hall South, the Police Administration Building, Parker Center, Fire Station 4, Emergency Operations Center, 9-1-1 Dispatch Center, El Pueblo, Metro Detention Center, the Central Library, and various leased facilities.

All areas north of Sunset Boulevard/Mulholland Drive/Barham Boulevard, and the 134 Freeway.

All areas south of Sunset Boulevard and West of Figueroa Street/Cesar Chavez/Sunset Boulevard and Laurel Canyon.

The area bounded by Imperial Highway on the South, Figueroa St/Cesar Chavez/Sunset Boulevard and Laurel Canyon on the West, Mulholland Drive/Barham Boulevard and the 134 Freeway on the North, and the Los Angeles City Limits on the East.

Emergency System Group tests emergency backup systems including UPS and IPS systems, generators, and Reg. 4 fire/life safety building systems.

The following are serviced only by the Civic Center District:
Automotive hoist, Elevators and escalators.

The following are serviced only by Central District:
Carpet repair, roofing repairs, overhead roll up and fire station apparatus door repair, concrete repair , fence repair, welding services.

All major services requests (such as, adding electrical outlets, requests for keys, having a view panel cut into a door, painting orders, etc.) Must be made on a Building Repair or Service Request (Form Gen 113), and should contain the following information:

  • Name and telephone number of contact person
  • Site location and location number
  • Type of service requested
  • Clear, detailed description of the work to be done or specific
    problem (including a diagram, where appropriate)
  • Authorized signature

Written requests are sent to the Building Construction and Maintenance General Superintendent. Emergencies and minor requests, during regular office hours, can be handled by telephone by contacting the appropriate district office.

For building repairs and valid emergencies after regular office hours and on holidays, call (213) 978-3246 or (213) 978-3247. If an emergency request has not been responded to within a reasonable period of time (within four hours), a follow-up call should be placed.

All requests for repair or service of irrigation systems, such as landscape sprinklers, are handled by the Department of Recreation and Parks. The Building Maintenance Division will provide repair services for damage caused to private property by City Departments, only in the event of an emergency.

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