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Finance & Special Operations
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The Budget Unit is responsible for preparing and monitoring the Department's annual budget, forecasting expenditures; preparing management information; strategic planning and reporting to the City Administrative Officer, Mayor and Council on the status of GSD's budget and other related financial matters.

Special Operations
The Special Event unit coordinates event activities throughout the City of Los Angeles in support of elected City officials and City Departments. This unit manages and facilitates logistical support for these events. The unit is also responsible for filming operations at historical City Hall and other City properties including all Civic Center areas.

The Emergency Planning and Operations unit administers the Departments emergency preparedness program, training and is Logistics section manager of the City's Emergency Operations Center.

The Building Emergency Education Program (BEEP) is a citywide program designed to inform and educate City employees about building emergency etiquette. This unit is responsible for training floor wardens and building occupants on proper protocols and procedures for responding to different Building Emergencies. This unit has the responsibility to bring on-line all City buildings (owned or leased) occupied by ten or more employees.

Accounting processes payment expenditures for departmental salaries, equipment materials, supplies, and special expenses; helicopter insurance, and records all financial transactions. In addition, the division prepares financial status reports including forecasts, on a periodic basis to keep management apprised of the financial position of the Department. The payroll section ensures that all department employees are paid correctly each payday.

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