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Finance & Special Operations
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Contact Name
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Phone No. (213)
Director of Finance & Special Operations Division Chief   928-9577
Budget Unit Sr. Management Analyst II Victor Yee 928-9588
Sr. Management Analyst I Rose Karagezyan 928-9584
Management Assistant Lourdes Morales 928-9564
Sr. Management Analyst I Lisa Gabriel 928-9585
Management Analyst II Dwight Craft 928-9567
Sr. Management Analyst I Ronn Encarnacion 928-9587
Special Operations Unit Sr. Management Analyst II Eric Robles 928-9572
Special Events Pierre Riotoc 928-9589
Filming Coordinator Eric Newman 978-2611
Building Emergency Education Program (BEEP) Richard Wuerth 928-9571
  Maria Vite 928-9563
  Cliff Cortes 928-9561
eTimeSheet System & Cost Accounting Charles Huang 928-9590
Payroll Peggy Buck 978-4043
Accounts Receivable & Special Funds Ivy Yan 928-9597
Audit & P-Card Christine Chen 978-4054
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