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The City of Los Angeles has recently approved a Certified Local Business Preference ordinance, which went into effect on November 24, 2011. Under this ordinance, Certified Local Business Enterprises (LBE) are eligible to an 8% preference (for Local Prime contractors), or up to a 5% preference (for Local Subcontractors) on City contracts in excess of $150,000. Local businesses interested in becoming certified must apply for certification through the Office of Contract Administration. For additional information on the City's certification process and eligibility please see page six of the below linked document:

The Supply Services Division's mission is to procure all supplies, equipment and services in a cost-effective and timely manner. In attempting to fulfill this mission, all qualified suppliers will be given an equal opportunity to do business with the City.

The Supply Services Division is organized and comprised of five Commodity Groups and three Support Groups. The Support Groups are Supplier and Customer Relations, Systems and Payment Services. The Commodity Groups are Construction and Maintenance; Public Safety; General Operations; Information Technology; Automotive; and Industrial. Commodity Groups are responsible for conducting the purchasing and competitive bidding activities in accordance with the City Charter, policies, ordinances and applicable laws.


In addition to the Supply Services web page, bids are also listed in the following locations:

Suppliers are able to receive email notification fo Request for Quote (RFQ) opportunities, and view RFQ opportunities online using the City's "Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network" at

Los Angeles Virtual Business Network is a free service provided by the City of Los Angeles. Register today to be notified of city contract opportunities.

LA City View Cable Channel 35 lists all written bids currently available and be viewed at various times throughout the day and evening, Monday thru Saturday. Check your local listings.

The Daily Journal is a local newspaper that advertises all written bids over $100,000.

Suppliers Guide
The Department of General Services Suppliers Guide is available as a quick reference tool that will provide general information to all Suppliers wanting register to do business with the Supply Services Division.

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