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The Business Inclusion Program (BIP) is a new social program designed and introduced by the Mayor's Office, in order to provide an equal opportunity in the performance of City contracts to a wide range of business enterprises. City's prime contractors shall assist the City in implementing this policy by taking all reasonable steps to comply with it.

All prime contractors shall attend the pre-bid or pre-proposal meeting scheduled by General Services to inform all proposers of the requirements for any specific bid/project for which they are bidding for. This requirement may be waived if the proposer certifies it is informed as to those bid/project requirements and has participated in a City-sponsored or City-approved matchmaking event in the prior 12 months. Failure to attend a meeting or obtain a waiver prior to the meeting will result in the bidder being deemed non-responsive.

To view and print additional information regarding the BIP program please use the following links:



Request for Quotation Bidder Instructions and General Terms and Conditions
The City of Los Angeles utilizes standard Bidder Instructions and standardized General Terms and Conditions for the City's Purchasing Agent contracts.

Business Tax Registration Certificate

The City requires, under authority of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, that each contractor shall maintain or obtain as necessary a BTRC or VRN number from the Office of Finance, Tax and Permit Division. Suppliers may contact that office at (213) 978-1521 or go in person to Room 101, City Hall, for compliance details. Assigned BTRC or VRN account numbers should appear on every invoice for goods and services delivered to the City. Delays in payment may occur for invoices that do not show a valid BTRC account number.

Contractor Responsibility Ordinance
Prior to awarding a contract, the City makes a determination that the prospective contractor is one that has the necessary quality, fitness and capacity to perform the work set forth in the contract. Every bidder must complete and submit with it's bid a questionnaire which provides information needed to determine if the bidder meets a number of criteria, including management expertise, technical qualifications, experience, organization, material, equipment and facilities necessary to perform the work, financial resources, etc.

Sweat-Free Procurement
The City of Los Angeles has long supported the premise that employers should fairly compensate employees, that the health and safety of workers should be protected, and that no form of discrimination or abuse should be tolerated. Therefore, all Bidders for commodity contracts of $25,000 or more with a duration of three (3) months or more must sign and agree to comply with the City’s Contractor Code of Conduct, which is the embodiment of the City's Sweat-Free Procurement Ordinance #176291. In addition, all garment, uniform, foot apparel, and related accessories vendors are also required to provide a procurement living wage and benefits to employees who work directly on fulfilling City agreements.

The City has awarded a service contract to Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) for independent monitoring and enforcement of City's Sweat-Free Ordinance. WRC is an independent monitoring organization based in Washington DC, with ability to conduct on-going monitoring, outreach, and full-scale investigations at manufacturing facilities across the globe. Through its contract, WRC provides the City with periodic and investigation-specific reports that detail its findings. WRC's activities have been crucial in ensuring vendor compliance. The following are copies of WRC's reports:


Affirmative Action
Bidders must comply with the City's Affirmative Action Ordinance No. 147030. Affirmative Action plans, when approved by the City of Los Angeles, are valid for the life of the contract/one-time purchase order. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Public Works, Office of Contract Compliance at (213) 847-1922.

Small Local Business (SLB)
To aid SLB located in Los Angeles County, City Ordinances, No. 153,662; 165,973; and 173,186 grant a preference of 10% for contracts of $100,000 or less. A qualified declaration must be filed not less than 5 days prior to bid opening and may be renewed yearly. To obtain the necessary forms and additional information, please call Public Works, Office of Contract Compliance at (213) 847-1922.

Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE)

It is the City's policy to promote the development and expansion of MBE/WBE/OBE's in supplying equipment, materials and services to the City. The City is committed to assisting these firms in obtaining City business, and seeks out and encourages such firms to participate in City purchases.

Formal bids valued at $100,000 or more that have been identified for MBE/WBE participation require bidders to reach out to MBE/WBE. For more information regarding the City's MBE/WBE policy, please call the Public Works, Office of Contract Compliance at (213) 847-1922.

First Source Hiring Ordinance
With the adoption of the First Source Hiring Ordinance, the City of Los Angeles addresses challenges faced in our current economic climate (i.e. local unemployment, underemployment, and inadequate compensation). The intent of the program is to promote an employment environment that protects limited social support services and to link contractors with potential service workers.

Child Support Obligations
All contractors and subcontractors performing work for the City are required to comply with reporting requirements and wage and earning assignments relative to legally mandated child support

American Disabilities Act
As a covered entity under the Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, will provide reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to it's Request for Quotations, programs, services and activities.

Equal Benefits Ordinance
Companies doing business with the City must comply with the Equal Benefits Ordinance of the Los Angeles Administrative Code. This ordinance ensures that you provide benefits equally to employees with spouses and employees with domestic partners, or that you provide a cash equivalent. To obtain the necessary forms and additional information, call the Public Works, Office of Contract Compliance at (213) 847-1922.

Living Wage Ordinance
Bidders must comply with the Living Wage Ordinance, Section 10.37 et seq. of the Los Angeles Administrative Code. This ordinance requires that, except where specifically exempted, companies must provide their employees with a minimum wage, health insurance, a minimum number of compensated days off for sick leave, vacation, or personal days, and a minimum number of compensated days off work, as specified by the Ordinance.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
City Ordinance 180751 establishes the City's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing program. In keeping with its role as a major purchaser of goods and services, the City desires to seek opportunities to promote markets for environmentally preferable products through employee education, the adoption of innovative product standards, specifications and contracts, and to establish cooperative ventures with other jurisdictions with regard to the procurement of goods and services from manufacturers and vendors who share the City's commitment to the environment.

Service Contractor Worker Retention
At the conclusion of the terms of a service contract with the City, or with those receiving financial assistance from the City, competition results in the awarding of a service contract to what may be a different contractor. Despite desired changes through the process of entering into new contracts, it is the experience of the City that the reasons for change do not necessarily include a need to replace workers presently performing services who already have useful knowledge about the workplace where services are performed. Retaining existing service workers when a change in contractors occurs reduces the likelihood of labor disputes and disruptions and assures continuity of services to citizen of Los Angeles.

Hardwood Policy
It is the policy of the City of Los Angeles that the City does not contribute to the destruction of the Earth's tropical rainforests. Any tropical hardwood purchased by the City must be certified as harvested in a sustainable manner. The certifier must be accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council or similar internationally recognized or successor organization.

Slavery Disclosure Ordinance
Unless otherwise exempted, a company selected for award of a procurement agreement must complete an Affidavit disclosing any and all records of participation or investment in, or profits derived, from slavery during the slavery era (including slaveholder insurance policies). The company must complete and submit the Affidavit and any required documents before the agreement can be executed.

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