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Fleet Technical Services
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Mission Statement:

Fleet Technical Services provides fleet equipment purchase support to City department customers and VMS technical support to fleet repair shops. Service to City departments is provided through technical specification development, timely procurement of fleet equipment, and research into alternative fuel and new fleet technology. Support for repair shops include Vehicle Management System (VMS) administration and coordinating computer hardware and software support. Fleet Technical Services strives to give its customers the ability to operate their fleet equipment safely, cost effectively and in an environmentally sound manner.

Fleet Technical Services Responsibilities:

· Fleet Equipment Acquisition

· Fleet Vehicle Replacement Budgeting and Planning

· Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Leadership

· Fleet Inventory management

· Vehicle Management System (VMS) Support

· Evaluation of New Technologies

· New Equipment Release and Vehicle Salvage

· Fleet Repair Facility coordination

For More Information:

For questions or concerns regarding vehicle replacement, fleet repair facilities, and vehicle inventory, please contact Paul Fadul at (213) 485-4993. Questions on VMS support can also be directed to Cain Flores at (213) 485-4979 or Paul Fadul.

For questions or concerns regarding vehicle funding, salvage, new equipment release, or budgetary estimates, please contact Larry Smith at (213) 485-4994.

You can view the fleet equipment photo archive here. This album contains pictures of new equipment that has been purchased by Technical Services, searchable by unit number.

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