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Management Information Services
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MIS staff receiving recycling award 2008

The Department of General Services Management INFORMATION SERVICES Division supports approximately 800 networked personal computers and their users, dispersed across the City of Los Angeles at 52 different geographical sites. General Services' network is driven by 7 file servers located at City Hall South, and 5 more at remote sites. MIS supports a wide variety of internally developed and off the shelf applications running on several different operating systems as well as 3 Enterprise Server applications and two web-enabled applications. MIS staff also maintains an equipment inventory and provides other computer- and non-computer related communications support such as pagers and cellular telephones.

To develop, maintain, and support the information technology systems, both data and telecommunications, necessary to meet the operational and management information requirements of the department, its divisions and units, thereby reducing information processing costs, providing timely operational information and improving communication within the department.

Photo courtesy of Ronan Gomez.

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