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Office of Public Safety
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In 1979, then Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley modified the Administrative Code establishing the Department of General Services and the Department created the Security Services Division. Security Officers were hired to provide protection for the City's Civic Center buildings including the historic City Hall.

In 1987, the City authorized select Security Officers to become Peace Officers. These unarmed officers were given arrest powers to enforce crimes that were occurring at the various City yards, warehouses and facilities. Officers patrolled downtown city owned and leased buildings providing security services for employees and visitors.

The L.A. City Council approved the creation of a General Services Police force in 1998. Fully trained and POST accredited. Officers patrolled and protected numerous City facilities including Watts Towers. Van Nuys City Hall and the Piper Technical Building. Police Officers and Security Officers also worked to keep remote facilities such as the South L.A. Constituent Services Center and San Pedro Municipal Building safe and crime free.

In 2005, City Council members expanded the General Services Police role by combining several City security sections and patrol operations under the Department of General Services, Office of Public Safety. Today General Services Police and Public Safety (Security) Officers are responsible for the safety and security of municipal facilities including the Civic Center, the L.A. Zoo, the Convention Center, Bureau of Sanitation plants, over 70 Libraries and 400 City Parks.

The Office of Public Safety reached a historic milestone in 2009 by celebrating 30 years of distinguished service to the City. With a significant growth of the Department reaching over 100 sworn and 300 civilian members, the Office of Public Safety is a critical public safety component and shall continue to make a postiive impact to the City of Los Angeles.

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