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Office of Public Safety
Professional Standards
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The Professional Standards Section is responsible for conducting pre-employment background investigations, internal affairs investigations, training, and POST compliance.

The California Penal Code mandates agencies employing peace officers to develop a procedure for the investigation of citizen complaints. The Professional Standards Section investigates complaints generated from members of the public against Division personnel, except for those determined to be frivolous by the Chief, conducting a thorough and objective investigation into allegations of misconduct. Upon completing the complaint investigation, the complainant is notified in writing of one of four possible findings: 1) Sustained- true finding supported by facts, 2) Not Sustained- facts do not substantiate the allegation,
3) Unfounded- not true, 4) Exonerated- allegation is true, but activity was justified/lawful.

The Professional Standards Section conducts pre-employment background investigations for Police Officer, Security Officer and Security Aide candidates. If you are interested in employment with the Office of Public Safety, visit the recruitment section. If you would like to view current job openings with the City’s Personnel Department, click here.

Training is continuous for employees of the Division and the minimum training requirements for peace officers is regulated by P.O.S.T. (Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training). Security Officers and Security Aides receive updated training in the use of baton, pepper spray and other related topics.

A representative from Professional Standards Section, may be contacted at (213) 978-4682 or (213) 978-4683.




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