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Welcome to the GSD Personnel Services "everything you ever wanted to know about personnel" website! Actually, this website was designed to provide GSD supervisors with a quick and easy resource for handling personnel issues in a way that is consistent with City and GSD policy.

This website is organized like the "Help" screens for other internet websites. Under various topics you will find a list of questions which may be grouped by particular areas. If you, or a supervisor in the field has a question about how to handle a personnel issue, you first select the chapter below by clicking on it. Do the same with any further grouping until you come to a list of questions. You can click on the question(s) you need answered. At any time you can "click" on the "Back to Help Page" or "Back to Top" buttons. You can also use the BACK button on your internet Browser.

Once you find the answer to the question(s) you need, you can print out that page to share with others. The "cool" thing is that you do not need to save the printed answer because it will remain in the website and may even be updated periodically. The answers to questions are based on GSD's current Personnel Directives and City Personnel Practices.

If there are questions NOT answered in this website, please send an email with your question to the Department Personnel Director at:

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