Electronic Job Submission:

All of our customers may enjoy the benefit of submitting work electronically to Central Duplicating. Consider that you can now sit at your desk and send your copy requests - black & white OR color by simply selecting a print option and your work will be delivered the next day. Sending your copy jobs electronically has the added advantage of treating every copy like an original so the quality is superior. All of this - at no extra cost.

Turnaround: The most important thing to remember regarding turnaround time is that we are here to meet your needs and we have significant resources that we able to apply to whatever your job requires. Tell us what you need and, if it can be done, we can do it. We have four copiers that run at a combined speed of 1,140 copies per minute to meet your most demanding deadlines.

Central Duplicating also offers 24-hour turnaround time on orders consisting of 25,000 total copies or less.

Whatever your needs are- call us and let us know. We have the means and the desire to solve your publishing problems.

Cost Considerations: Publishing Services operates on a chargeback system designed to recover our costs. For specific pricing regarding photocopy work please refer to our price list. You should keep in mind though that, from a price perspective it becomes less expensive to print rather than copy run lengths of 2,000 1-sided and above. Of course, that process takes a little longer but the higher the quantities the lower the unit cost becomes when you print your job rather than copy it.

Color Copier: Central Duplicating now offers color copies at $.30 each for one-sided and $.60 for 2-sided. You not only have the ability to send your jobs electronically but it is highly recommended that you either send them through the LAN or provide them on a disc since the copier will treat every copy as an original giving you the optimum quality available.


Black / White Quantity Price Cost
8.5 x 11 1 side     $0.0242
8.5 x 14 1 side     $0.032
11 x 17 1 side     $0.043
8.5 x 11 2 sides     $0.038
8.5 x 14 2 sides     $0.054
11 x 17 2 sides     $0.070
Color copiers Quantity Price Cost
8.5 x 11 1 side     $0.259
8.5 x 14 1 side     $0.323
11 x 17 1 side     $0.517
8.5 x 11 2 sides     $0.517
8.5 x 14 2 sides     $0.647
11 x 17 2 sides     $1.034
Paper Surcharges Price Cost
20 lbs Colored     $0.005
3 hole paper     $0.005
60 lbs bright colored (8.5 x11 only)     $0.011
70 lbs white     $0.011
70 lbs colored     $0.022
110 lbs index     $0.019
Label Stock     $0.11
Braille Output     $0.16
Finishing Options Price Cost
Collating & Stapling     $No Charge
Tape Binding     $0.27
Online Perfect Binding     $0.27
Stitch Online     $0.05
Variable Set-Up     $45.00

Publishing Srv-Piper Tech
555 Ramirez Street,
Space 200
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop # 711
Phone: (213)473.8400
Fax: (213)473.8416


Business Hours
M-F, 6:30 a.m - 11:30p.m
Walk-In Hours Closes
at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
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LA Mall-Central Dup
201 N. Los Angeles St.
Space 8A
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop #716
Phone: (213)922.9709
Fax (213)922.9711
Garland Bld-Central Dup
1200 W. 7th Street
4 Floor GSD
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Mail Stop # CDD 4 floor
Phone: (213)744.7369
Fax (213)808.8807
Public Work-Central Dup
1149 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop #
Phone: (213)485.5701
Fax (213)847.2308


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