1. How To Write a PDF (Adobe Acrobat file)?

- To write a PDF file, you must first have Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher installed on your computer with distiller. Click on file from your task bar. Select Print. When the print dialog appears, check the box print to file, then from the drop down menu, select distiller as your printer. After you have selected distiller as your printer, in the upper right corner, click the properties button. This will open a distiller options window. There will be 3 tabs on the top. First select Layout. From the layout tab select either portrait or landscape as the way you want your paper to print.

2. What is our proof procedure?

- a PDF of your order is e-mailed so you may view it on your computer.

- To proceed with your order simply print out what was e-mailed.

- Indicate any corrections we need to make on the print out, fill out the proof form, also sent, and indicating the desired actions you wish us to take.

- Then fax us your print outs along with the signed proof form to (213) 473-8416

3. What is the next step after I have approved my proof?

Jobs are generally scheduled for completion within 10 days after proof approval. Please contact us if this schedule does not work for you. Please have your SMUF number ready when you call us & check the job status. Our customer service number is (213) 473-8400


Publishing Srv-Piper Tech
555 Ramirez Street,
Space 200
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop # 711
Phone: (213)473.8400
Fax: (213)473.8416


Business Hours
M-F, 6:30 a.m - 11:30p.m
Walk-In Hours Closes
at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
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LA Mall-Central Dup
201 N. Los Angeles St.
Space 8A
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop #716
Phone: (213)922.9709
Fax (213)922.9711
Garland Bld-Central Dup
1200 W. 7th Street
4 Floor GSD
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Mail Stop # CDD 4 floor
Phone: (213)744.7369
Fax (213)808.8807
Public Work-Central Dup
1149 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mail Stop #
Phone: (213)485.5701
Fax (213)847.2308


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