Our Reprographics section has an exciting new capability that will save you money, time and aggravation. Both Variable Print and Print-to-Mail allow you to personalize printed pieces by providing us with the piece you want printed and a database (in either Excel or Access) with your variable data. If you need mailing lists based on zip codes we can provide those also. Unlike outside companies that charge exorbitant consulting fees, our Systems Analyst will assist you in preparing your document for printing. Publishing charges $45 to set up your job and $.04 per copy. The slight increase in the copy charge covers the cost of the machine slowing down as it prints each original.

Variable Print
Variable print is typically used in conjunction with print-to-mail. The most common application is using an address block that, when printed and folded, will appear in a window envelope. This eliminates the need for applying labels to printed envelopes. We use a program called Print Shop Mail for simple applications such as this. One of the jobs we produce is a weekly mailing for Animal Services notifying their customers of license renewals. At the most basic level we can simply address a letter provided and print the personalized information at the same time that we print the letter. We also produce postcards for Sanitation that notify residents within a specific area of hazardous waste collections events. Total cost for printing each piece is $.04 plus the one-time $45 charge. More sophisticated applications require a program called PlanetPress which allows us to map (position) data to conform to a pre-printed sheet. This provides an economical solution for printing in color and personalizing each piece. Some of the jobs that we produce on a regular basis are Occupancy Certificates for Housing, Annual Benefit Statements for Fire and Police Pensions and Lot Cleaning Notifications for the Bureau of Street Services. Please feel free to contact our customers or us for examples of this work.

Print to Mail

As referenced above, Print-to-Mail uses variable print and then goes further. Publishing works closely with Mail Services to prepare printed pieces that are conducive to mailing. The United States Postal Service has very specific requirements to allow the discounts necessary for Mail Services to manage the Cityís postal costs. Postage actually costs more than the printing being sent. Using Print-to-Mail, we send our customerís list to Mail Services before we image the variable information. Mail Services uses a program called PostalSoft to pre-sort the list and print tray labels, which they then return to us. We then print, fold, and insert into envelopes the pieces in zip code order. The finished job is stacked in trays ready for the Post Office. We can print on postcards or self-mailers to eliminate the cost of envelopes and give you the added benefit of printing on the outside to gain the attention of your audience or print and tab to allow printed pieces to conform to USPS regulations. Please remember that all pieces designed to be mailed need to be approved by Mail Services before printing. As with all your publishing needs, pre-planning with Publishing Services and Mail Services will help ensure the success of your print project.

***If you have any questions about this issues please contact Lisa Chen @ 473-8403 or 473-8400.

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