Currently in 12 month rates, effective 9/21/12 - 3/20/13

Ricoh Americas Corporation has been awarded the citywide copier contract for the period from 9/27/07 to 9/27/12. This contract has been extended to 11/30/13. Lease prices increase every 6 months to allow all equipment to be fully depreciated. We will continue to conduct quarterly reviews that allow us to track installations, monitor service issues and address billing concerns with both the vendor and our customers. If you would like to be included in these quarterly reviews please email your request to Carmelita Legaspi at :

Instructions for generating a print screen with the units' models and serial #'s
End users following these steps from copier screen:

· Step 1: Press "User Tools/Counter"
. Step 2: Select "Printer Features"
. Step 3: Select "Configuration Page"
The a page, like the one in the attachment, will automatically print.

Ricoh EDP codes
MP2510 - 413466 / MP2550 - 414395 / MP2851 - 415235 / MP3010 - 413471 / MP3350 - 414396 / MP3351 - 415248 / MP4500 - 413541 / MP5000 - 414375 / MP5500 - 412766 / MP6000 - 414338 / MP6001 - 414787 / MP9000 - 412958 / MP1100 - 412961 / Pro906ex - 404078 / Pro1106ex - 404081 / Pro907ex - 404186 / Pro1107ex - 404189 / MPC3000 - 413219 / MPC3300 - 414829 / RW3600 - 413698 /

Ricoh Staple Cartridges
End users now have the option to order the following:
· Standard staple cartridges (Ricoh Part Numbers 410801 and 413013) priced at $33 and $84 per box. (Contract 59062 line items 4,7,11, 14, 17, 20, 24, 33 )
· Staple refills (Ricoh Part Numbers 410802 and 413026) priced at $59 and $160 per box. (Contract 59062 line items 21, 25, 34)

Ricoh Rep's contact list:

Michael Sessoms (Sale / Order Status)
310-766-4580 (cell)

Joe Graziano (Sale / Order Status)

Stephanie Morrison (Billing /Invoice)
714-361-3350 ext. 4116 (Office) / Fax: 714-361-3890

Ysell Huizar
562-587-9594 (cell)


Copiers are separated into segments that represent average monthly volumes. The following guidelines will help you select the appropriate equipment.

Segment Average Monthly Volume/ Suggested Model/ Approx. Monthly Cost
Seg. 1 0 - 7,500 Model MP 2550     $144.22 (5,000)
Seg. 2 7501-20,000 Model MP 3050     $217.27 (10,000)
Seg. 3 15,001-30,000 Model MP 5000     $425.98 (20,000)
Seg. 4 30,001-70,000 Model MP 6000     $492.10 (40,000)
Seg. 5 70,001-120,000 Model MP 9060ex     $735.47 (80,000)
Seg. 6 150,000 above Model MP 1100     $1,133 (150,000)

We rarely authorize placing the Model 1100 since this is a production machine designed for dedicated print environments such as Central Duplicating. Council file 03-1675 instructed all council controlled departments to send their printing and copying to Publishing Services. Training materials, manuals, and all massed produced work should be coordinated through GSD Publishing Services. If your needs are ongoing such as for training materials, we can set up an on demand “shopping cart” experience that will allow you to update materials as necessary and order them online. If you still feel that your department has a need for a production copier please contact Gerald St. Onage at

If you would like to obtain the actual cost for your equipment and volume, please view the Distributed Copier Cost Worksheet. Please note that there are separate sections for networked connected vs. stand-alone copiers.


Our new copiers are considered MFP’s – multi-function peripherals. Publishing suggests that you consider networking your copier to the PCs in your office to take full advantage of these devices. A connected copier can replace fax machines and individual printers at a significant cost savings, particularly when you consider that the cost of the copier includes service and supplies. New copiers also have enhanced scanning features that will allow you to use them as front ends for document management systems. If you wish to order the eCopy accessory please complete the eCopy Request Approval for ITA and the eCopy Equipment Order Form and e-mail to and e-mail to or fax them to Publishing Services at (213) 473-8416.


All orders involving copiers are placed through Publishing Services after reviewing our customer’s requests and their departmental needs. To request your copier, fill out the Ricoh Copier Order Form 12 months rate, started from 9/21/2012 and e-mail to or fax it to Publishing Services at (213) 473-8416. If you are ordering a MFP that is connected to your network (recommended), you must also complete and submit a Technology Site Survey. Please make sure to fill out the forms completely, including secondary contact information, as Ricoh will call you before making the delivery. After you have determined the proper copier based on your monthly volume you can check the cost by accessing the Distributed Copier Cost Worksheet to obtain the estimated monthly cost.
Please verify that your existing electrical facilities will accommodate the model that you have selected. Information regarding the plug requirements for each model can be obtained by accessing the Power Outlet page. Information regarding specific copier modes can by referenced by selecting the link on the individual models listed above. Delivery is generally made within 15 working days from the time of order.

Additional Accessory Requests:

The most common accessories include additional paper supply trays and network connectivity. To order these accessories please complete a Ricoh Accessory Upgrade 12 Months Rates, Effective 9/21/2012 form below (choose model of your copier) and e-mail to and e-mail to or fax it to (213) 473-8416. If you are networking your copier you will need to complete an accompanying Technology Site Survey.

1. Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) - Accessory Order Form 12 months rate

2. Hard Drive Surrender Order Form - Hard Drive Surrender Order Form

3.MP2550B-MP3350B/MP2501-MP3010 Accessory Order 12 months rate Form

4.MP4500/MP5000B Accessory Order Form

5.MP5500/MP6000 Accessory Order Form

6.Pro907ex/Pro1107ex-Pro906EX-Pro1106EX/MP9000-MP1100, Pro1357ex Accessory Order Form

7.MPC3300 Accessory Order Form

8.MPC3300 Ricoh Color Equipment Order Form

Ordering Supplies
Our copier contract includes lease costs, maintenance and toner supplies. The only supplies that departments pay for our paper and staples. Staples may be ordered by CPO against contract #59062. Please Ricoh customer services to place supply order at 1-800-432-9787, have machine model and serial number ready.

Beware of “Toner Pirates” that may call your office to either confirm an order or offer a deeply discounted price on toner. This is a common scam and if you are called, please try to obtain a company name, individual’s name and phone number. That information should be forwarded to Publishing Services for further action.

The Ricoh Copier/MFP Scanning Instructions:

LA City Scan Setup Procedures for the 2510, 3010, and 4500

LA City Scan Setup Procedures for the MP 5500

MOVING YOUR COPIER: Please do not move your copier yourself! The charge for moving copiers is nominal and the move can be done quickly and without risk of damaging the machine. Most importantly, we can ensure that we know where all of our copiers are located. Please complete the Move Copier Request Form, including serial number and billing information and e-mail to GSD Copier Administration at or fax it to Publishing Services at (213) 473-8416.


Digital copiers are much more reliable than the analog copiers we used several years ago. Our overall uptime (the measurement we use to judge copier reliability) was over 98% overall during the last contract. Ricoh is contractually obligated to maintain our copier fleet at 95% uptime per segment. If you are having a copier reliability problem it can be very frustrating. Service calls are placed directly to Ricoh at (800) 432-9787. This number and your copier’s serial number are on the outside of each copier. Ongoing problems should be brought to the attention of Publishing Services for escalation. Working through Publishing Services gives the City one voice with our vendor and helps to identify citywide issues. It is a good idea for each copier to have its own service log that is maintained by the individual in your department that is responsible for the copier rather than rely on the vendor’s service records, which can sometimes vary.

AFTER HOURS SERVICE: Emergency service is available after hours at an additional rate. Please refer to the contract for specifics.

COLOR COPIERS: Color copiers are available on a very limited basis and for a demonstrated need. The cost per copy is ten times that of a black and white device and, depending on run length, there are much more cost-effective options available through Publishing Services. Contact Gerald St. Onge at

Color Copier Request Form

CENTRAL DUPLICATING: Eighty-five percent of all work sent to Central Duplicating is completed within 24 hours. Much of it is done while you wait.

  • Your copy jobs, both black & white and color can be sent from your desktop and delivered to your office the next day. If you would like to arrange for this service, please contact GSD copier Administration at

    The most efficient and cost effective copying is available through using Central Duplicating. Our high-speed photocopiers operated by the publishing professionals in Central Duplicating can provide excellent quality at the lowest cost available. Central Duplicating is part of Publishing Services and, as such, we are able to provide a much broader array of resources to meet your copy needs while keeping your costs down.

    The intent of this contract is to provide convenience copiers and should not be used to attempt to equip decentralized copy centers. Please consider sending your copy jobs to Central Duplicating rather than use your staff in an attempt centralize volume within your department. Dont shortchange yourself and the City.


Publishing Srv-Piper Tech
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Space 200
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Phone: (213)473.8400
Fax: (213)473.8416


Business Hours
M-F, 6:30 a.m - 11:30p.m
Walk-In Hours Closes
at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
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