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Construction Section
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The Construction Section consists of four laboratories that provide testing services on construction materials.

Pavement Evaluation Design Unit
Provides Nondestructive Deflection Testing services for use in pavement structural evaluation and overlay design for flexible and rigid pavement. This lab also provides core sampling on pavement and wall structures.

Asphalt Laboratory
Test asphalt based paving materials. Full support for paving projects from mix design verfication through Nuclear Gauge Density Testing is available. Testing is performed on Emulsion Aggregate Slurry, Asphalt Concrete, Rubberized Recycled Asphalt Concrete, Aggregate, Emulsion, Asphalt Cement, Mixture Additives, and Recycling Agents.

Physical Laboratory
Performs compression strength tests on concrete and masonry products. Tensile strength test are performed on steel produects including reinforcing steel and prestressed cables. D-load tests are performed on both concrete and clay pipe. Sampling and testing is also conducted on PCC aggregate.

Special and Research Laboratory
Tests miscellaneous contruction materials including paint, rubber, plastic, coatings, sewer rehabilitation products, high strength bolts, metals, floor finishing materials, and sewer system liners. Nondestructive Testing is also available for welds and construction materials.

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