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Ray H. Solomon
Director of Materials Testing

The City of Los Angeles "Material Testing Facility" called STANDARDS DIVISION of General Services Department is located at 2319 Dorris Pl. Los Angeles, Ca. 90031. It can be reached through Tel. No. (213)485-2242; Fax. No. (213)485-5075.

Standards Division is comprised of three main units, eleven (11) laboratories providing material testing and quality control services in the areas of design, construction and environmental protection. These services are provided for The City of Los Angeles Projects only. Through special arrangement, similar services could be provided to other counties, municipalities and companies providing services and materials to the City of Los Angeles.

Standards Division's main Units are:
1. Enviro-Chem Unit: Providing testing to determine the extent and severity of soil and ground water contamination.

2. Geotechnical Unit: Soil testing for foundation design, compaction for earth moving and construction quality control and other geotechnical investigations and design recommendations.

3. Construction Unit: Provides testing for concrete, re-bar, cement, concrete blocks, bricks, pavement and overlay design and construction control, asphalt concrete design and quality control, high strength bolts, nuts and washers, Spark testing for sewer liners, ultrasonic testing for the integrity of structural welds in steel construction, drilling and much more. Download this brochure for more information.

4. S.T.A.R. Unit: Safety, Training, Accreditation and Research unit also provides Independent Assurance Testing for all Federally Funded Projects.

Standards' individual laboratories are:
Environmental Laboratory; Chemical; Foundation soil; Compaction; Special geotechnical Unit;
Physical lab; Asphalt Lab; Pavement evaluation Unit; Subsurface Investigation Unit (drilling); Special materials lab and the S.T.A.R. unit (Safety, Training, Accreditation and Research).


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