Custodial Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Custodial Services Division is to maintain a sanitary environment through sustainable cleaning, which is essential for the health of City employees and the public.  

The Custodial Services Division operates on a citywide scale, cleaning and disinfecting a variety of public facilities, including: office buildings, libraries, police stations, jails, service yards and many more, through a combination of City-employed workers and contractors.  


The Custodial Services Division provides a variety of cleaning services on a citywide scale through City-employed and contracted custodial staff. The Division administers three Personal Services contracts:  Custodial/Janitorial, Pressure Washing, and Carpet Cleaning. Currently, cleaning services are provided at two different levels:

  1. Basic-level Custodial Services ** – Provided for all funded facilities, except ‘full- level’ locations.  Core services include daily cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, such as: lobbies, restrooms, breakrooms, locker rooms etc.  Trash is removed from centralized trash bins and not from desk-sides.
  2. Full-level Custodial Services – Provided for public safety facilities (LAPD jails and stations) and special-funded facilities (libraries, El Pueblo and sewer construction yards). Core services include daily cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, such as: lobbies, restrooms, breakrooms, locker rooms etc. Trash is removed from centralized trash bins as well as from desk-sides, vacuuming and dusting are provided frequently, and all utility services are provided on a regular, on-going basis.

**Services to unfunded facilities are possible as well as increased service levels to current locations. Please contact the Division at for further information.

Utility / Specialty Services
Utility or specialty services are provided to funded facilities on a regular, on-going basis; however, non-funded facilities may also request services, which may be provided on a limited basis —contact the Division for details.  

Utility services include:

  1. Pressure Washing Services – provided for exterior areas such as building entrances, sidewalks, patios etc. and utilize cold or hot water at a pressure of 300 dpi, which can be combined with degreasing or disinfecting chemicals.
  2. Carpet Cleaning Services –  provided for interior carpets within a building to restore the carpet’s appearance by utilizing agitation scrubber extraction methods.  This service does not include area rugs.
  3. Floor Work Services – provided for various types of floorings and include stripping, waxing and polishing.
  4. Emergency Services – include clean-up of floods (clean, gray or black water), carpet extractions, blood-borne pathogens, and other potentially infectious material such as scabies, lice, bed bugs etc. The Division determines what type of service is needed to address each emergency and will use all necessary available tools to mitigate the resulting damage and complete the clean-up process.