Mission Statement

The Finance Division is responsible for oversight and internal controls over expenditures and revenue, and provides quality financial services in the most economical and fiscally responsible manner.



The Budget Unit is responsible for the development and oversight of the Department's budget, including forecasting expenditures, financial analysis, and reporting to the City Administrative Officer, Mayor and Council on the status of the Department’s budget and other related financial matters.


The Accounting Unit processes payment expenditures for contractual services, travel, utilities, credit cards, and postage; generates billings and collects departmental receipts; and records all financial transactions. In addition, the division prepares financial status reports, including forecasts, on a periodic basis to keep management apprised of the financial position of the Department. The division also produces all the departmental reports required by the Controller's Office. The payroll section processes all the payroll- related documents to ensure that all department employees are paid correctly each pay period.