Fleet Services


Mission Statement

Fleet Services' mission is to maintain and dispatch safe, reliable and appropriate vehicles and
equipment for City departments in the most cost efficient manner possible, by focusing on the
customer's needs for equipment necessary to provide services critical to the safety of the
community and maintenance and improvement of City assets.

Activities to Fulfill Mission

• Maintenance - Provides maintenance for approximately 10,670 units, used by 24 City Departments as
well as Mayor and Council Offices, which consist of automobiles, light, medium and heavy-duty
trucks, motor sweepers, refuse collection vehicles, construction equipment, a diverse fleet of off-road
equipment, and provides aircraft support to LAPD, LAFD and DWP. The Maintenance operation consists of a total of 43 repair
facilities located throughout the Metropolitan area, San Fernando Valley and San Pedro. Services
departments such as Public Works Sanitation, Public Works Street Lighting, Public Works Street
Services, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Recreation and Parks.
• Vehicle Replacement Program - Provides written specifications while working directly
with equipment manufacturers, City vendors and our customers to purchase and
salvage of vehicles and equipment.
• Motor Pool - Manages four motor pool operations of light duty vehicles and heavy equipment that
provides 24/7, 365-day support to elected officials, executive staff and for general City operations.




Area 1
Consists of 15 Repair Facilities
Responsible for the maintenance and support of the City's Refuse Collection Vehicle
Fleet (RCV's),Green Waste Processing Equipment, Transfer Station Equipment and
Street Sweepers.
Area 2
Consists of 25 Repair Facilities and 1 Heavy Equipment Motor Pool
Responsible for the maintenance and support of the fleets Construction
Equipment, Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers, Sedans, Generators, DOT
Parking Enforcement Vehicles, Turf and Off Road Equipment.
Area 3
Consists of 1 Tire Shop,1 Body Shop, 2 Motor Pools, Technical Services and
Training and Safety
Responsible for maintaining and providing tire repair and replacement as
well as auto body repair for all equipment maintained by Fleet. Operates
three Motor Pool locations that provide temporary use of pool vehicles to City
employees. Technical Services, is in charge of replacing and purchasing all
equipment maintained by Fleet Services. Training and Safety is in charge of
providing innovative classroom and hands on training to Fleet Staff to
increase knowledge and safety.
In charge of the maintenance and support of a fleet of LAPD, LAFD & DWP aircrafts.