Fleet Technical Services

2310 E. 7th Street, Building B, Los Angeles 90023    
Mail Stop 900
Fleet Manager: (323) 562-9204.                                                           
Office hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mission Statement

Fleet Technical Services provides fleet equipment purchase support to City department customers and Vehicle Management System technical support to fleet repair shops. Service to City departments is provided through technical specification development, timely procurement of fleet equipment, and research into alternative fuel and new fleet technology. Fleet Technical Services strives to give its customers the ability to operate their fleet equipment safely, cost effectively and in an environmentally sound manner. 


Types of purchases:

- Formal Bid (non-contract purchase over $100,000)

- In-formal Bid (non-contract purchase under $100,000)

- Co-operative Purchase

- Contract Purchase

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Photos of Equipment:  LINKS

Aerial Truck

Grounds Maintenance Equipment

Sewer Cleaner Truck-Catch Basin Cleaner

Sewer Cleaner Truck-Rodder

Sewer Cleaner Truck-Jetter

Street Sweeper

Stake Side Truck



Utility Truck