Special Services

Special Events - coordinates event activities throughout the City of Los Angeles in support of elected City officials and City Departments. This unit schedules, manages and facilitates logistical support for events, and press conferences. Also, schedules and coordinates community and expressive demonstrations for all public areas in the Downtown Civic Center and other City Hall Civic Center areas throughout the City.

Filming - coordinates and is responsible for filming operations at historical City Hall and  other GSD controlled City properties, including all external Civic Center areas. The unit provides the film industry affordable and film-friendly locations in Los Angeles while preserving the condition of all General Services properties.   Coordination responsibilities include working with Faciltiy support entities such as GSD building maintenance, tenants and LAPD security services to ensure filming at locations run efficiently and to mitigate any impact to facility operations.

The Access Management and Credentialing unit - provides issuance and replacement of City credentials and access to electric key-card readers for elected offices and client based departments. This unit manages and facilitates general access to facilities which include exterior, interior, and common area entryways within City facilities.

The Access Management and Credentialing unit also coordinates special projects between clients and vendors related to the access management and credential program control system, including other related access matters.  

The Emergency Planning and Operations unit - administers the Departments emergency preparedness program, training and is Logistics section manager of the City's Emergency Operations Center.

The Building Emergency Education Program (BEEP) - is a citywide program designed to inform and educate City employees about building emergency etiquette. This unit is responsible for High-rise facilities ensuring the training of floor wardens and building occupants on proper protocols and procedures for responding to different Building Emergencies.