Mission Statement

To provide all City agencies a complete range of materials testing services in the fields of design, construction and environmental protection in the most cost effective and timely manner with motivated, competent and experienced professional staff using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment.


Standards Division is comprised of four (4) main sections and thirteen (13) individual units providing material testing and quality control services in the areas of design, construction and environmental protection. These services are provided for the City of Los Angeles projects only. Through special arrangement, similar services could be provided to other counties, municipalities and companies providing services and materials to the City of Los Angeles.

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Standards Division's Main Sections:

  1. Roads & Highways Section: Provides testing services for road construction, reconstruction and maintenance. All phases from planning, evaluation, design, mix design, construction monitoring, and quality control are supported.
  2. Geotechnical Section: Soil testing for foundation design, compaction for earth moving and construction quality control and other geotechnical investigations and design recommendations.
  3. Construction Section: Provides testing services for concrete, re-bar, cement, concrete blocks, bricks, pavement and overlay design and construction control, asphalt concrete design and quality control, high strength bolts, nuts and washers, spark testing for sewer liners, ultrasonic testing structural steel welds, drilling and much more.
  4. I.A.T., Enviro-Chem, Administration & Systems Section
  • Independent Assurance Testing (I.A.T.): Provides independent evaluation of material sampling and testing methods to assure compliance with federal quality requirements.
  • Enviro-Chem: Provides testing to determine the extent and severity of soil and ground water contamination.
  • Administration: Supports personnel management, cost accounting, billing and time-keeping for the division.
  • Systems: Maintains and enhances information systems and lab automation for the division.