General Bidding Information

  • Competitive Bidding:
    • The City’s Primary Method of Obtaining Solicitations
      • The City makes purchases under the authority granted in the City Charter. Competitive bidding is the primary method for obtaining solicitations. Competitive bids are not subject to negotiations. Awards are made to the lowest and best responsible bidder meeting specifications and on the basis of the lowest ultimate cost to the City. Competitive sealed proposals are subject to negotiations and awards are made subject to the criteria stated in the proposal. Only the Purchasing Agent is authorized to commit the City for the purchase of equipment, materials or supplies. No payment will be made for goods delivered without a purchase order number or contract.
    • How can my business do business with the City of Los Angeles?
      • For companies that would like to start doing business with the City of Los Angeles, there are two sites that they will need to register for:
        • The RAMP site is a free service provided by the City of Los Angeles and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development. View and download information about all contractual opportunities offered by the City of Los Angeles in one convenient location as well as find up-to-date certified sub-contractors to complement your project bid.  Our goal is to have your business grow in the City of Los Angeles. For more information visit the RAMP website at All suppliers wishing to do business with the City are highly encouraged to register, sign-up for email notifications regarding open bid opportunities, and upload company documents for compliance purposes.
        • Once you register with RAMP, you will need to register your company on the City’s new LAVSS site. Here your company can view current bidding opportunities, submit bids electronically, update company information, submit invoices electronically, track payments and more!
  • After registering your company on the two sites above, please see below for the City’s Bidder Instructions and General Terms and Conditions.
  • If your company has any additional questions regarding doing business with the City of Los Angeles, please give us a call at 213-928-9500, email us at / or visit the Supplier and Customer Relations office:
  • 111 East First Street
  • Room 110,City Hall South
  • Los Angeles, CA 90012

Bidder Instructions and General Terms and Conditions (Attachment A)