General Purchasing Information


  • The Supply Services Division adheres to the purchasing practices of the California Association of Public Purchasing Officer's (CAPPO) and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP)
  • Plant Visits
    • City Procurement Analysts/Supervisors are encouraged to visit supplier's facilities. Plant visits enable Procurement Analysts/Supervisors to broaden their knowledge of the materials sold and evaluate a supplier's ability to meet the City's Needs. Arrangements for plant visits should be made in writing through the Purchasing Agent.
    • In accordance with the City of Los Angeles Code of Ethics, City employees may not accept gifts or entertainment. Suppliers are requested to cooperate in this regard by not making any such offers to employees.
  • Purchase Orders / Annual Contracts
    • Purchase orders are issued after awards are made to the successful bidders. On RFQ's required annually, a contract is executed in accordance with the specifications and a copy is mailed to the successful bidder. It is expected that the suppliers will fulfill orders in good faith and in accordance with the specification and RFQ/proposal as accepted. If orders cannot be completed as specified, please notify the Purchasing Agent's office immediately. Goods are inspected at the point of delivery. Payment cannot be made until, acceptance is acknowledged by the receiving department.
    • On occasion disputes arise regarding specifications suppliers believe to be restrictive, or awards perceived to be inappropriate. In accordance with established purchasing general conditions, suppliers must notify the Procurement Analyst/Supervisor in writing at least five working days prior to RFQ opening date, detailing why the specification is restrictive. If it is determined that the specification is indeed unnecessarily restrictive, an addendum will be released to all prospective bidders with the modified specification.
  • Supplier Performance
    • Supplier performance is evaluated according to timeliness of delivery, quality or performance of goods/services supplied, accuracy of quantity delivered and accuracy of billing. If these terms of the contract are breached substantially, the Purchasing Agent may terminate the contract and deem a supplier "non-responsive" for a period of time.