Payment Services

  • The Payment Services Section is responsible for processing invoices for payment for the purchase of materials, goods and supplies for the City of Los Angeles
  • E-Payables
    • After an 18-month effort, between GSD, the Office of the Controller and the Office of Finance, the City of Los Angeles went live with the E-Payables program on March 18, 2019. This innovative program allows the City to pay select vendors via commercial credit card, allowing vendors to receive payments more quickly and reducing the City’s paper usage and fees associated with issuing paper checks. If your company is interested in participating in this program or would like to receive additional information, please contact the Payment Services Director, Monique Atkinson, at
  • FMS Payment Processing Requirements
    • What is required?
      • The City requires that specific information be included on every invoice submitted for payment. Failure to include this information will delay the payment process.

        FMS Order Numbers (valid PO number) - When an order is placed, Departments have been instructed to provide all vendors with an FMS order number. Failure to obtain an FMS order number results in payment delays. Stores Multi-use Form (SMUF) numbers and MMS numbers should NOT be accepted in place of FMS numbers.
    • When submitting invoices to Payment Services Section, the order number must be referenced on the invoice
      • Correct Pricing - Contract pricing or quoted pricing for non-contract purchases should be reflected on the Invoice. The invoice should match the same unit of measure reflected on the contract, i.e. lbs, gal, ft, inches. Discrepancies will cause payment delays.

        Additional Charges - Additional charges such as freight or delivery, if applicable, must be quoted at the time the order is placed. Invoices with Freight Charges exceeding $75.00 must be accompanied with freight bill documentation; otherwise payment process will be delayed until the freight bill is provided. If additional charges are included on the invoice and not reflected on the FMS order, delays will likewise occur.

        Partial Shipments - If partial quantities are shipped, invoices should only reflect the quantity shipped.

        It should be noted that before an invoice can be processed for payment, items must be received and accepted by City personnel electronically into the FMS System.

        In addition to providing accurate and complete information on invoices, the City requires that every supplier doing business in the City obtain a Business Tax Registration Certificate. Payment to suppliers not complying with this requirement will be delayed until the information is provided.
    • Where to send invoices
      • All invoices for FMS orders should be sent to:
        • FMS Payment Services Section

Piper Technical Center

555 Ramirez Street, Suite 312

Los Angeles, CA 90012

  • Invoices can also be sent electronically to or submit electronically on the LAVSS site (
  • The Department of General Services is committed to providing fast and efficient response for processing payment for items purchased. With your cooperation in providing the required information on every invoice, we can achieve our goal of processing payments within agreed upon payment terms.

    For Payment Services contact information, please view this attachment.


  • Thank you in advance for your cooperation in assisting the City in meeting its goals.